Streets are roped off; TV helicopters hover

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Streets are roped off; TV helicopters hover

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The pep rally, centered on a sports bar called The Lodge, will draw a couple thousand Falcons fans before the night cries uncle. Streets are roped off; TV helicopters hover, then split; Bob Klepak is here somewhere, so is every guy who listens to sports talk radio. Black stretch limos dock outside the bar, meaning a flock of Atlanta Falcons have landed to lead the crowd in the Dirty Bird dance..

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Several municipalities in the United States allow 16 and 17 year olds to vote in local elections. Takoma Park, Maryland, was the first city to lower the voting age, thanks mostly to the advocacy efforts of youth themselves who convinced the city council that they should have a voice in local governance. Other cities in Maryland, like Hyattsville and Greenbelt, have followed suit.

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