There exists a harmony involving not shooting enough

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There exists a harmony involving not shooting enough

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Our daily routines are different both at work and at home. To protect our loved ones, we strip off our clothes outside our homes, take showers in our backyard with newly homemade contraptions, or beeline directly to the bathroom to sterilize ourselves from head to toe in a blistering hot shower. We stay away from our loved ones sleeping apart, some of us on the couch, others in a tent in the backyard or in a hotel room away from our families.

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18th August 2015Quote: “I love Taylor Swift. I think she’s adorable. I love her music. Racial disparities in COVID 19 diagnoses and deaths are not unique to Ohio. The virus has devastated traditionally black and Latino neighborhoods in New York City, according to data collected by the NYC health department. One nationwide analysis performed by the American Public Media Research Lab found that black Americans are three times as likely to die of the virus as their white counterparts..

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