In China, activities like this have been known to be

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In China, activities like this have been known to be

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cheap nfl jerseys An independent judiciary and some democratic rights freedoms that no other part of mainland China has.Under the same agreement, Hong Kong had to enact is own national security laws this was set out in Article 23 of the Basic Law.But its unpopularity means it has never been done the government tried in 2003 but had to back down after 500,000 people took to the streets.Then, last year, months long protests over an extradition law turned violent and evolved into a broader anti China and pro democracy movement.China expert Willy Lam is concerned the law could see people punished for criticising Beijing as happens in mainland China.People are concerned this affect free speech their right to protest which is currently legal in Hong Kong. In China, activities like this have been known to be classified as subversion.Prominent activists such as Joshua Wong have been petitioning foreign governments to help their pro democracy cause in the city. After years of lobbying, the US passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. cheap nfl jerseys

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