“While finding employment in our largest urban

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“While finding employment in our largest urban

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“Facing challenges their baby boomer parents never encountered, peak millennials are confronted with significant obstacles that vary depending on where they live,” he says. “While finding employment in our largest urban markets, Toronto and Vancouver, is relatively easy compared to other areas of Canada, buyers face limited inventory and high home values in these regions. Where prices are more affordable, job markets can be more uncertain.”.

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Nike’s decision can be seen as an astute advertising strategy to bring the spotlight on the brand. It is, however, a daring one, given the political and emotional significance of the issue. Trump criticised the advertisement and a city mayor in the state of Louisiana has ordered that no government funds be spent on Nike products..

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Our 45th president claims to be a stable genius but his major talent is getting in the way of his own agenda. The man is congenitally unable to keep from stepping in so many pools of effluvium that he leaves a trail of stink that would knock a flock of buzzards off a line of porta potties on the last day of Coachella. He shoots himself in the foot so often, his nickname should be Stumpy.

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