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Shortness of breath is not usually an early symptom of Covid 19, but it is the most serious. It can occur on its own, without a cough. If your chest becomes tight or you begin to feel as if you cannot breathe deeply enough to fill your lungs with air, that’s a sign to act quickly, experts say..

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That’s where game changer Sakara comes in, which sends ready to eat meals with otherworldly flavor profiles straight to you with a completely customizable weekly schedule. All meals are plant based, gluten free, dairy free, non GMO and contain no refined sugar with recent hits ranging from lavender quesadillas with broccoli pesto and crispy chayote salad to baby fennel and sunchoke pasta. The company also runs the Clean Boutique with must haves for men including the Metabolism Super Powder, Energy Bars, and can’t put down Nootropic Chocolates.

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